There are already two points of sale that announced that they would stop marketing cannabis.

Faced with the blockade of bank accounts to pharmacies that sell cannabis, the Executive Branch is analyzing some alternatives among which is going to market it in cash at the herbalists. While looking for an exit, a second pharmacy announced that it would stop selling the drug.

It is understood that the herbalists are smaller businesses that do not depend on the banks and when operating in cash they would not have problems. If this option is chosen, the instrumented system will be reversed for sale in pharmacies, at least temporarily. For this, it is thought to modify the regulatory decree of the law passed in Parliament in 2013.

The idea of ​​marketing cash only was handled yesterday by former President JoseMujica in an informal chat with journalists at the Legislative Palace. As he said, the formula “is novel because it gives an immediate response.”

The fund’s exit so that the legalization of the sale of marijuana can return to normal operations goes through the mission to be carried out at the beginning of September by the president of the Central Bank, Mario Bergara, to the United States. It is estimated that he will be accompanied by the secretary of the Presidency Miguel Angel Toma or the assistant secretary Juan Andres Roballo to Washington and New York to hold meetings with Federal Reserve authorities.

Mujica planned to travel to the United States but said he would not be part of the official delegation. He said that he intends to meet with linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky “to take some wines.”

The government already made contacts on this issue with the US and Canadian embassies on the progress of the system. For Mujica, the first days of operation were auspicious. “If there is something in the place that is regulated to the extreme of the impossible is this, the problem is that you have to prove it to the world,” he said. From your point of view, you can not delay an exit because “people do not have back and demoralize,” he said about pharmacies that market the drug.

Mujica stressed that the purpose of the law is not to promote the consumption of marijuana, but “to put the accent on the fight against drug trafficking (…) I was interested in trying to clarify to the people that this starts as a public security problem. I still worry about drug trafficking; I will never recommend it to people who smoke marijuana, “he said.

For the former president, “in the long run” the problems linked to the closure of bank accounts will have “a solution because they always have.” This same version was given yesterday to the sizeable front party by the president of the Cannabis Regulation and Control Institute (Ircca) Augusto Vitale, and the Secretary of the Drug Board Diego Olivera.

Sources that participated in the meeting assured El País that it was reaffirmed that the law “is more valid than ever” and “will not be modified.” There it was handled that “from the right one seeks to destroy the law.”

The deputies agreed that a “defense of Uruguayan sovereignty” is necessary and reaffirmed the need to seek solutions at an international level. Some deputies went so far as to suggest that marijuana could be sold in euros, to prevent the money from being sent to correspondent banks in the United States.

“I am concerned about the sovereignty of the country and that the interference is such that it ends up cutting off the possibility of selling a legal product,” Deputy Oscar Groba told El País (Espacio 609). In his opinion, the marijuana law “is well done” and has “fantastic results.” “People know what they consume, consume a product of good quality, and a product was taken from the gondola to the mouths of drug sales,” said the legislator.

The opposition questioned the alternatives handled by the Executive Power to deal with the closure of bank accounts to pharmacies. “The flexibility that the government proposes to resort to cash to buy cannabis is what many people ask for financial inclusion,” said nationalist senator Javier Garcia on Twitter. So he concluded that if solutions were found so that banks do not hinder “, there must also be for all Uruguayans who do not want mandatory banking.”

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