The mission of our company, and the goal of all our web pages, is to help preserve the genetics of cannabis for future generations, while promoting the need to control and regulate cannabis under legal legality.

We believe that all cannabis genetics need to be conserved to guarantee a diverse reserve of genes, in case it is time for politicians to realize their therapeutic use and accept their legal regulation as the best way to reduce the damage caused to them. people.

A more diverse genetic reserve makes cannabis less susceptible to diseases and pests, and provides a greater scope for research.

We, therefore, sell a diverse and growing range of cannabis seeds for home preservation. suggesting that customers store the seeds until the day it is allowed to grow them. We sell products to store seeds with maximum security and for longer periods.

We believe that cannabis would be safer under legal regulation, since it would be easier to impose age restrictions, control its power and quality, and stop the enrichment of criminal gangs. Consumers or smokers would know exactly what they are consuming and would have a large selection of varieties and potency. We also believe that people who use cannabis should be protected instead of persecuted by law.

Therefore, a portion of the company’s funds is used to support political lobbying and charitable organizations. We also use part of our profits to attend trade fairs and conferences on cannabis.

More importantly, we try to encourage visitors to our website to do the same, keeping them up to date with news and informing about possible legal changes on cannabis use. Providing a great material of articles and information on all aspects of cannabis use, not only to feed their interest, but also to get them to participate more actively in the lobbying process.